Co-ax 2MP 5-50mm POWERzoom Bullet Camera Bundle 4pcs

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Ideal Long Range CCTV Capture of Number Plates and Gateways

  • POWERzoom 5-50mm Lens
  • 4-in-1 TVI, CVI, AHD, CVBS
  • Great for Long Range CCTV
  • IR MAX LED Arrays (80m)

This superb ZIP 4-in-1 POWERzoom is a great addition to the ZIP range with a quality 5-50mm lens.

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This superb new ZIP 4-in-1 POWERzoom is a great addition to the ZIP range with a quality 5-50mm lens it's great for medium and long range CCTV capture. At the 5mm setting it has an angle of view around 45° and at 50mm has an angle of view of 7° for those longer distance shots.

A popular choice of camera to capture distant entrances, gateways or other similar vulnerable spots, where it's hard to get the camera any closer but you have a clear line of sight to the area you want to cover. In addition to the powerful 5-50mm lens it also boasts an equally powerful iRMAX LED array that can help illuminate objects up to a maximum of 80m away for invisible nightvision.

Think of the IRs as a powerful invisible torch rather than a floodlight as the IRs are a narrow beam rather than a floodlight.

The POWERzoom is a great choice to record video of car number plates but note it does not extract the number plate "data" it just records the video of it. If you want to extract number plates as "data" use our dedicated ANPR cameras ROBOPMZ50, or consider using our RoboPLATE software than can extract the data from a video image and activate relays to open gates etc. (Search RoboPlate on our website).

A quality metal case with a cable managed bracket make the POWERzoom ideal for professional CCTV installers. The optional BKT150 combined mounting bracket & junction box has a hinged opening making installation easy and adds a quality touch to your installations.

Resolution 2MP
Lens Type 5-50mm Motorised
Image Output TVI / CVI / AHD / CVBS
Day/Night Function Mechanical (True Day-Night)
IR LEDs 2x High Power
IR Range Up to 80m
Input Voltage 12V DC
Current Consumption 130mA / 490mA IR on
Video Connection BNC Socket
Power Connection 2.1mm DC Socket
Protocol UTC (Coaxitron)
IP Rating IP66 For External Use
Build Metal
Dimensions (H) 83 x (W) 87 x (D) 140mm (Exc. Bracke