CCTV Software / RoboPlate ANPR

FAQ for the RoboPlate Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can RoboPlate ANPR software read non-standard number plate characters?  
  2. Are network relays triggered instantly or after a delay when using the RoboPlate ANPR Lan relay module?  
  3. Can an analogue DVR be used with the RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  4. Can the FTP module run on a different PC to the main RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  5. Can the RoboPlate ANPR Configure module be installed on a remote PC?  
  6. Can the RoboPlate ANPR Search module be installed on a remote PC?  
  7. Can you automatically FTP upload your RoboPlate ANPR image capture results?  
  8. Can you configure your RoboPlate ANPR software setup from another PC?  
  9. Can you search your RoboPlate ANPR database from a different PC?  
  10. Can you trigger LAN relays using RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  11. Does RoboPlate ANPR software support any remote monitoring services such as Immix?  
  12. Does RoboPlate ANPR software work in bad weather such as rain, fog or snow?  
  13. How can I set up my camera to avoid any false results from Robolate ANPR?  
  14. How do I move a RoboPlate ANPR software licence to a new PC?  
  15. How do I wire a HRM100 op-to isolator relay to a RoboPLATE camera?  
  16. How do you trigger a network relay using the RoboPlate ANPR Lan relay module?  
  17. How much disc space is required when installing and running RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  18. How slow do vehicles need to be travelling for RoboPlate ANPR software to capture the number plate?  
  19. What DVRs work with the RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  20. What is the support and update period for RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  21. What resolution image does RoboPlate ANPR software require?  
  22. What sort of cameras do you need for the RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  23. Where are captured images from the RoboPlate ANPR software stored?  
  24. Where do I get support for RoboPlate ANPR software?  
  25. Why is a software key required for RoboPlate ANPR?  
  26. Why is the RoboPlate ANPR software Enigma protected?  
  27. Will my RoboPlate ANPR software stop working outside the support period?  

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