Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view the RoomWatch camera images?
There are a few easy methods for viewing the images captured by the RoomWatch camera. If RoomWatch is fitted as a standalone camera you can easily view live images on the free ZipVision phone app available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. RoomWatch is also supplied with a FREE Zippy Viewer tool that allows you to view live images on a desktop PC or laptop and also retrieve recorded footage if an SD card has been fitted in the camera. Both these methods allow the "Push to Talk" style 2-way talkback feature but to get the most from your RoomWatch camera we suggest using the ZipVision client softwre that is supplied FREE with every Zip DVR and NVR. It gives extra functionality and allows you to record the RoomWatch images staright to a hard drive in the recorder for longer term recording beyond that of the local memory card.

Last Updated 2 years ago

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