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Can I get a password reset for my alienDVR?
To protect users data and privacy the AlienDVR has no “back door” password. Therefore if you have lost the password or simply can not remember it the AlienDVR will have its password reset by following a special security procedure.

Step one would be to contact the original installer of the DVR and see if they had set up an “admin” password and give you this OR create a new password for yourself. So please initially contact your original DVR installer.

If the installer can not help you then it is possible to reset the password yourself but this will involve either returning the DVR back to us or purchasing a Password reset kit. It is important that you can prove you OWN the DVR and have a legal right to have the password reset. Just like your mobile phone or your bank account PIN you wouldn't want someone resetting it and taking it over with no security checks. To protect you we have the same strict procedures with resetting a security device such as the AlienDVR.

How to Prove you own the AlienDVR
  1. Supply a purchase invoice of the DVR with your name or Company on it
  2. Supply proof of who you are, a utility bill with your name or Company on it.
If you can not provide proof of purchase we can contact the original installer of the equipment and ask them details of who they installed or sold it to and if it’s not under contract with them, we could then proceed to reset it for you provided you have sent us proof of who you are (Doc B).

Please open a support ticket by supplying your DVR serial number if you would like us to go ahead with the reset process.

Last Updated 2 years ago

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