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# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - Zip DVR Range

2nd Generation 4K Hybrid ZIP Xtreme DVR

The below guides cover the following models: XTRA204 / XTRA208 / XTRA216

2nd Generation 5MP Hybrid ZIP Supa DVR

The below guides cover the following models: SUPA-S004 / SUPA-S008 / SUPA-S016

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

1st Generation ZIP DVR Range

The Zip DVR manuals will guide you through all the ins and outs of your new DVR.

The above manuals cover the following models:
LITE004 / LITE008 / LITE016 / SUPA004 / SUPA008 / SUPA016 / XTRA004 / XTRA008 / XTRA016


How to select a network address - Here

How to setup motion detection - Here

How to add IP Cameras - Here

How to setup emails - Here

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