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5 easy ways to get CCTV on your TV

Having your CCTV images on your large screen TV seems a no brainer but quite often home owners miss out, here are 5 easy ways to do just that...

1. Simply connect your DVR to your TV using an HDMI lead.

HDMI is now a universally standard connector on most video & audio devices including DVRs and TVs. The fastest way to get a CCTV image from your DVR onto your TV is simply connecting an HDMI lead between the two. Make sure you opt for a quality lead for a crisp, clear picture.

Recommended product – 10M HDMI Lead (Code: VID510)

2. Display your CCTV on multiple TVs using an HDMI distributor.

HDMI Distributors or splitters are a great way to run a CCTV signal from your DVR to a number of screens or TVs. Simply fit the splitter and DVR in your roof space or a locked cupboard and view the images from any room in the property.

Recommended product – 4-way HDMI Distributor (Code: HDM324)

3. Watch your CCTV as a separate TV channel using a Digital Modulator.

Most homes still use a co-ax as a way to distribute TV signals from the aerial to the various TVs within the property so a digital modulator allows you to make the best of this set up and use it to distribute your home CCTV through this same co-ax network.

It works by allowing the HDMI output of a DVR (or other equipment such as a satellite box) to be converted into a digital RF signal or 'Digital TV channel' so you can distribute it around a home and watch it on any TV, just like a real digital TV channel.

Recommended product – Digital Modulator (Code:MOD300)

4. Connect your CCTV to a TV over CAT5 using the HDMImule.

The new HDMImule is the ideal solution where the DVR is located some distance away from the TV as it uses an existing CAT5/6 infrastructure for runs up to 120M! It even has a “reverse” IR function that lets you control the DVR from a remote location over the network.

Recommended product – HDMImule – HDMI over CAT5 (Code: HDM220) >>>

5. Transmit a wirefree CCTV signal to your TV for extra security.

Some CCTV camera locations make it difficult or impossible to get cable back to the DVR (eg, over a road). If you have power at your remote location use the wirefree Videomitter and simply send it back straight into your TV. Use the TV’s existing composite video input to feed the image on to one of the transmitters video channel.

Recommended product – Videomitter Wirefree CCTV TX/RX (Code: MINIMITS)

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