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TIP 203 - How to add messages on your RoboPlate camera for auto activation on a white/black list detection.

Free welcome & warn messages with every RoboPlate ANPR camera, simply download here:

  1. Welcome your number plate is a match.
  2. Access granted.
  3. Permission to enter.
  4. Successful match, permission to enter.
  5. Welcome, gate opening. 
  6. Welcome, door opening. 
  7. Welcome, doors opening.
  8. Welcome barrier opening.
  9. Welcome bollard is lowering.
  10. Please wait we are unable to match your number plate. 
  11. No number plate match found, please call us.
  12. Please wait for a member of staff.
  13. Please wait for an attendant. 
  14. Your number plate has been matched and we are unable to grant you access.
  15. Blacklist number plate detected, access denied.

... or create your own and upload them in just minutes!

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