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Can I send out repeated or timed messages with VoiceOFF Scheduler software?

Yes the VoiceOFF Scheduler software is the really easy way to get the most of your unit if you are planning to use more than 6 messages. It provides you with an uncomplicated interface to activate any of the 9999 message and sound files stored on your connected PC.

It’s as simple as pressing a button! But it offers so much more too. Within seconds you can set up a schedule to send out a message of your choice when you like and as often as you like.

It’s great for the following…

1. Easy management of multiple VoiceOFF devices

You can add any number of VoiceOFF devices to the software calling them a “friendly” name. You can even bookmark favourites making them faster to access.

2. Manually triggering a message when the need arises

Great for when a situation arises and you need to trigger a message fast. Eg, a homeowner suspects a prowler they can play the sound of a police siren approaching OR a CCTV operator seeing an act of vandalism is about to occur can trigger a message to scare off the vandals such as…

Warning! This area is under video surveillance 24 hours a day and trespassers will be prosecuted.
(Message code MP3B020 choose from voice ABCDEFG)

Once your favourite VoiceOFF devices and their favourite messages are set up it is fast to go to your preferred VoiceOFF device and select your chosen message, simply click on it to start playing the message in full.

3. Scheduling a variety of messages on different days and at different times

A built in scheduler function lets you program how many times to play the message how often to repeat it and the days and times during which to play it. Ideal for customer service messages in a retail store.

This store will be closing in 15 minutes, please complete your purchases & make your way to the cashiers desk.
(Message code MP3M005 choose from voice ABCDEFG)
Eg, scheduled to play once at 5.15pm Monday to Saturday.

OR Health & Safety messages repeated throughout the day in a workplace.

Please be aware, fork lift trucks may be operating in this area.
(Message code MP3F023 choose from voice ABCDEFG)
Eg, scheduled to play between 8am-7pm every hour Monday to Saturday.

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