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Which file types can Zippy Player handle ?
Because different manufacturers output different file types and use different codecs, a simple task such as playing back CCTV footage can be a nightmare when it should be so simple. Often if you haven’t got the client software you can be stumped which is no use to the Police if they are trying to use CCTV as evidence.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by producing the Zippy Player in versions to make it work with leading DVR manufacturers such as Alien, Zip, Dahua and Hikvision.

Zippy Player for alienDVRs- 1CH ( SOFT1322) and 4CH ( SOFT1323)
Zippy Player for Dahua- 1CH ( SOFT1324) and 4CH ( SOFT1325)
Zippy Player for HikVision- 1CH ( SOFT1320) and 4CH ( SOFT1321)
Zippy Player for ZIP - 1CH ( SOFT1316) and 4CH ( SOFT1317)
Zippy Player for DVR365 (Dav files)- 1CH ( SOFT1318)

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