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Which Handy Rascal Module should I choose?
Want to delay something switching on or off after applying 12 volts?
For this application choose the basic delay timer code HRM200. When you apply 12V to the HRM200, its relay contacts operate after an adjustable delay of between 0-20 seconds. The relay has both normally open contacts and normally closed contacts so the delay could be switching something either on or off. If you wish to trigger a delay with a short pulse say from a push button you will need a timer that has a trigger input, if that's your requirement have a look at HRM250 as this can be triggered via power on or trigger in.

Want to interface one system to another via a low or high trigger?
If you want to switch something ON or OFF and need to keep the trigger circuit isolated from what you are controlling then choose one of the Opto-Isolators HRM100-116. These superb handy Rascals have their inputs and outputs completely electrically isolated using "Opto-Isolators".

Typically these would be used to interface low voltage systems from an alarm panel or access control system to a mains voltage device such as a light, garage door or similar. Installers frequently use them also to link 2 low voltage systems together, for example, intruder to access control, or an NVR/DVR to an alarm panel. You can trigger these with either a positive or negative signal for versatility and they’re available in 1,2,4,8 and 16CH versions.

Want a flexible ON or OFF delay after applying power OR an input trigger signal?
Choose the multi-function timer HRM250 for this. You can set this superb timer to be triggered for either seconds or up to 10 days!! To start the timer you can either simply apply power to it OR use a trigger signal to it, (the simple delay timer HRM200 is only triggered by applying power to it). The HRM250 has 18 functions built in to it that can be used to do a wide variety of control functions and with two separate and adjustable timers built into it, it caters for the professional installers needs. You can even create looped events for repeat triggering of sounders like the VoiceOFF that carry on repeating, or time out after a number of loops you program into it. The non-volatile memory ensures that whatever you set it up to do it remembers that function after a power cut. This is the best choice for flexibility with items such as electric locks, mag locks, sirens etc.

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