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When viewing multiple files in the Zippy Player CCTV video evidence player can I see what happened at the same time in each clip?
No, the multi channel edition of Zippy Player does not synchronise play back when playing multiple channels simultaneously, each file is played independently of one another.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by producing the Zippy Player in versions to make it work with leading DVR manufacturers such as Alien, Zip, Dahua and Hikvision.

Zippy Player for alienDVRs- 1CH ( SOFT1322) and 4CH ( SOFT1323)
Zippy Player for Dahua- 1CH ( SOFT1324) and 4CH ( SOFT1325)
Zippy Player for HikVision- 1CH ( SOFT1320) and 4CH ( SOFT1321)
Zippy Player for ZIP - 1CH ( SOFT1316) and 4CH ( SOFT1317)
Zippy Player for DVR365 (Dav files)- 1CH ( SOFT1318)

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