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How do I add a RoboPLATE camera to a ZIP NVR / DVR?

After configuring the network settings in the RoboPLATE Camera (ROBOPCZ22 or ROBOPMZ50) then the camera can be added for recording purposes like a normal CCTV camera.

Here's a TIP on how to add one to a ZIP NVR or DVR.

1. In the menu of the Recorder, go to Video > Video > IP Channels.


2. Set Switch Mode to Manual. (Ignore this step if using a non-PoE NVR or DVR).


3. Then click Search.


4. Tick the camera in the search, then select Add.


5. Enter the port as 80.
Select the Protocol as Onvif_standard.
Enter the username and password of the camera.

Select OK.


6. The camera should appear with the IP Address in the bottom table with a green Camera symbol after a few seconds.


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