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How do I wire a HRM100 op-to isolator relay to a RoboPLATE camera?

The alarm output of the camera is a 3.3V TTL output relay, this means the alarm output with either be in a low state (0V) or high state (3.3V).

Ensure an appropriate OPTO isolator relay is used to isolate the camera voltage to the triggering device.

Navigate to: Configuration > Alarm > I/O alarm


The alarm output of the camera can be configured either low state (0V) or high state (3.3V) when triggered.

When set to high, the alarm output will constantly be on low (0V) until the alarm output is triggered, it will then increase the voltage to high (3.3V) until the trigger is removed. The opposite will be configured when set to low.

For the wiring setup below, set the camera to Alarm outputĀ level = High


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