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How Do I Setup Zip Voice Assist (Amazon Alexa)

Amazon Alexa

To setup and pair an Amazon Alexa device to a ZIP recorder, it needs to be linked with an Amazon Alexa user account.

1. In the DVR/ NVR go to Network > Voice Assist > Amazon.


2. Enter the Amazon account email address into the User field.

3. Click Bind, then Apply.

NOTE - Make sure all of the cameras connected to your recorder have unique names before adding to the App.

4. Install the Amazon Alexa App from the Google Play Store.

5. Select ‘More’ and then ‘Skills & Games’.


6. Click on search.


7. Enter ‘smart camera view'.


8. Select 'Smart Camera View'.


9. Select "+" then select 'Security System' and 'Other'


10. Select 'Discover Devices' 


11. Devices > Cameras will now show the cameras.


10. Speak the command to Alexa to show the stream of the camera.

Example (with a camera channel called driveway).

"Alexa show Driveway camera"

"Alexa stream Driveway camera"

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