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What is DDNS?

For one device such as computer, a phone or a tablet, to communicate with another device via the the Internet, it will usually require the service of Domain Name Server (DNS), this server automatically resolves a memorable name into a numerical "IP" address so that you do not need to remember a difficult multi-digit number.

Broadband services provided to many premises do not have a fixed static IP address, they have an IP address that changes periodically, these changing addresses are known as dynamic. This means you will need some way to be able to “find” your DVR or NVR on the internet so that you can see images from it on your phone and remote devices. To do this you will need to use a DDNS or P2P service that tells your phone where to find your particular DVR or NVR.

On most devices you can enable and use the manufacturer's service, alternatively, you may choose a third party or even implement a DIY solution that you maintain yourself. The manufacturer’s service will usually come with some support whereas a DIY solution is clearly "Do it yourself".

Each Alien or Zip DVR has a free dynamic DNS (DDNS) service called “IPPostcode” bundled with it. This service is free for the first 3 years of ownership after which you may either subscribe to extend the IPPostcode service, seek a third party, or set up a DIY solution yourself. The small charge after the free 3 years is to help pay to maintain the online server, software and support. Without some small charge its not possible to provide the service free for ever as the costs involved are not covered, hence the small fee after 3 years.

With the ZIP DVRS and NVRS there is also a free P2P service which is a similar to DDNS but when connecting to a DVR or NVR the initial connection tends to be a little slower than a DDNS connection. The ZIP P2P service is free without any charges up to and past the 3 year mark and is offered as a free gratuity service without warranty or guarantee.

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