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How to Pair IPmitters

Pairing on channel 100

1. Power both IPmitters, and leave to boot up for at least 3 mins. During boot up they will display a rotating segment [ _i]

2. On one IPmitter (client), press the F (function) button and "H" will flash [H 100]. Press the S (setting) button to change to [C 100].

3. The whole display will flash to indicate the settings have been saved, it will reboot (can take up to 3 mins) then the display will show [C036].

4. Now press the RST (reset) button for 1 second on both IPmitters [H 100] [C036].

The display will change to a P with a rotating segment whilst pairing [P __]. Pairing can take up to 5 minutes.

The display will show P and a value once paired [P0 10] [P0 12].

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