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What is SightMaster?
SightMasterPro is for customers who have multi-site installations of DVRs and NVRs and need to manage them remotely. This software is far more commercially orientated than the standard CCTV client software, which is aimed more at small groups of DVRs managed by individuals or small businesses.

SightMasterPro is aimed at installations of 20+ DVRs where the user wants to use its intelligent functions to reduce the running costs of CCTV maintenance, data collection and overall administration. SightMasterPro can help reduce these costs by automating and speeding up some functions an operator would normally do. By scheduling tasks such as downloading footage and automating camera image quality tests, users with multiple CCTV installations soon save money by more effective CCTV and less downtime and reduced labour costs.

SightMasterPro is a module based platform and is tailor-made for each application and is therefore priced depending on what the user needs. We offer demonstrations at our HQ for any interested parties.

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