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What are Remote Support Desktop Sessions?
With our Zippy Desktop remote support software we can help you set up your PC, Router and even DVR just as if we were sat next to you on site.

ZippyDesktop is a remote connection tool that you download from our website that allows our skilled IT boffins to temporarily connect to your remote PC. Once connected, our boffins can help set up your router, PC and NVR / DVR so that you can get up and running for remote monitoring in a jiffy.

It’s simple and safe to do and you have total control of the connection and can terminate it at any point. The software is totally standalone and doesn’t even need installing on the PC, as it runs as a standalone executable. So if you’re not sure how to get your DVR / NVR set up for remote viewing on your PC or latest smart phone then we can help.

You must have a Windows pc/laptop on-site and be able to initiate a connection to one of our support team members. Sorry, we cannot connect to Mac computers.

Last Updated 4 years ago

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