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Can any of the CCTVmate Test Monitors be used for IP CCTV?

Yes the PRO model (code LCD390) has all the following test functions for IP:

  • ONVIF Testing - For setting up ONVIF IP Cameras.
  • Dual POE Ports - Single-line POE Testing. 1x Power-In Port & 1x Power-Out Port, Power POE Cameras, test voltage of POE ports and charge the test monitor!
  • Network Testing - Discover & Ping free network addresses.
  • Cable Breakpoint Testing - For testing the length and the point at which breaks occur in network cables.
  • Multiple Connections - RS485, Audio In for testing microphones & Mini USB for connecting to a PC to download recordings and snapshots!

Plus these for general CCTV troubleshooting >>

  • BNC Ports - BNC ports for video in and out for testing Analogue and HD-TVI cameras. Test card display & Coaxitron control support.
  • TVI Coaxitron - Up the coax control of TVI cameras.
  • Shock Absorbing One Handed Design - Featuring drop-proof protective rubber corners.
  • Replaceable Battery - Easy to remove & replace Lithium-ion Battery with working time of 10 hours!
  • Record & Take Snapshots - Ideal for playback of camera tests!
  • Dual LED Lights - Super bright lights for installing in dark spaces!
  • 4" High Definition Screen - Crystal Clear images for testing video quality of cameras!
  • Full Qwerty Keyboard - Neatly folds away with a flip-open design!

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