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What can the CCTVmate test monitor range be used to test?

All the CCTVmate range of test monitors are designed to help the installer setup and focus most models of CCTV camera.

The most basic model (LCD343) is a good buy if you are electrician fitting CCTV from time to time when customers ask but don't install day in, day out. It can still save you a lot of set up and troubleshooting time. It straps to your wrist so it's really easy to use up a ladder.

The PRO model (LCD390) is a great investment if you're a CCTV installer by trade as it has more advanced features being able to test IP (including ONVIF) and PTZ cameras too. You can even record locally on to it as well as test audio. It really has everything you need in one compact design.

Last Updated 4 years ago

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