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easy cctv system

Lite Features, Lite Price

build   12 months warranty as standard
settings_input_hdmi   Hybrid IP/analogue technology
stay_primary_portrait   Free client & app software
network_check   Free networking support setup
  • Budget-Friendly:
    Our Lite range offers practical solutions with essential features for businesses on a budget.

  • Essential Functionalities:
    Simple functions like viewing, recording, searching, and playback cater to cost-conscious customers.

  • Co-ax System Upgrades:
    Designed for businesses needing co-ax system upgrades or camera replacements.

  • Versatile End-User Base:
    Ideal for homeowners, small businesses, and accessible to wholesalers and electricians.

Smart Features, Smart Price

build   12 months warranty as standard
build   Upgrade to 3yr smart warranty
camera   High definition 5MP
network_check   Free networking support setup
  • Practical Price/Feature Mix:
    Crafted for individuals and businesses seeking a practical balance between price and features.

  • Comprehensive Functionality:
    Smart systems with essential functions like viewing, recording, searching, playback, and smart AI capabilities.

  • Versatile Application:
    Ideal for co-ax system upgrades, migration to IP, or maintenance camera replacements in high-end homes, small to medium businesses, schools, sports clubs, and retail spaces.

  • Seamless Integration:
    Products seamlessly integrate with smart home systems and IoT devices for a functional approach to modern living and business environments.

Pro Technology, Pro Install

build   3yr warranty as standard
build   3 months advanced replacement 
4k   Stunning 4K recording
add_reaction   Face detection & recognition*
  • Advanced Features and 4K Imaging:
    The Pro range is designed to meet the needs of users seeking advanced features and AI integration, especially in high-resolution 4K imaging.

  • Tailored for Professionals:
    Specifically crafted for professional installers affiliated with NSI, SSAIB, and integrators, specialising in coaxial upgrades, migration to IP systems, and seamless integration with IoT capabilities.

  • Formal Professional Monitoring:
    The Pro range includes formal professional remote monitoring and response features for enhanced security.

  • Reliable Support:
    With a standard 3-year warranty and 3 month advanced replacement, our Pro range ensures reliability and robust support for our customers.

  • *Available with DVR308-01 & DVR316-01

airport_shuttle   Next Day Delivery

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assignment_return   Easy Returns Process

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health_and_safety   Extended Warranty

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