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Usable AC & DC from One Power Supply Unit

Usable AC & DC from One Power Supply Unit

Converting AC to DC is quick and easy when you use Voltage Regulators (AKA Power Converters).

In this video we discuss the many ways a power converter can come in handy on a CCTV installation job. Security cameras and other CCTV devices often require different power intakes to work - which can be an organisational nightmare.

With a voltage regulator like the VoltDevil, it's possible to power both AC & DC devices from one AC PSU. What's the trick? Watch the video to find out!

View VoltDevil here.

Article Posted: 03/06/2021 10:18:18

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Power Supply Regulator - 24V AC To 12V DC

The VoltDevil voltage regulator provides 12V DC output from 18-24V AC input!

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