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10 Reasons... ZIP NVRs & DVRs Beat The Competition

10 Reasons... ZIP NVRs & DVRs Beat The Competition

Top-quality security systems need top-quality recorders!

The superb DVRs and NVRs from ZIP CCTV are exactly that - offering ultra HD 4K video recording resolutions, compatibility with analogue, IP, and HD-TVI CCTV systems, and much more!

With a range covering budget-conscious clients all the way up to high-end installs, there's a ZIP CCTV recorder for every security system.

Check out ZIP DVRs here.

Check out ZIP NVRs here.

Article Posted: 03/06/2021 09:37:10

Products Featured in this Article

Zip Lite Budget 2MP DVRs

The 2MP Lite is just that, a basic model for budget installs that don't require the highest resolution possible.

In Stock
KitVault DVR/NVR Enclosures

A KitVault enclosure is a space-saving way of keeping a DVR/NVR and the footage on its hard drive free from general public access and possible tampering.

In Stock
ZipVision - Zip DVR & NVR PC Client Software

Modern, slick and easy to use are the best ways to describe the "ZipVision" software. Itís a feature packed software that has been designed in the UK and as a result is really intuitive to use without any real learning curve.

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