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5 easy ways to keep your CCTV footage secure

5 easy ways to keep your CCTV footage secure

5 Easy Ways to keep your CCTV footage secure

With worries about the Chinese Government having access to supposedly secure CCTV footage and over 1 million people being victims of cybercrime each day* there has never been a better time to evaluate your own set up. Here are 5 easy steps to take…


Use a UK based DDNS service like IPPostcode

AlienDVRs and Zip DVR/NVRs use IPPostcode service so there is no need to fork out for a static IP or pay a 3rd party DDNS service if you want to log on to your DVR/NVR over the internet. It’s a UK based server too so there’s no need to worry about the Chinese Government viewing your footage as is the case with many DVRs on the market that use Chinese based servers.


Securely lock away your DVR

It’s common sense to store your DVR and CCTV footage somewhere physically secure so it can’t be accessed by unauthorised staff or even burglars themselves. If you’re a commercial entity recording images of the general public it actually forms part of the Data Protection Act and the CCTV Code of Practice. Invest in a secure & lockable storage unit such as the Kitvault DVR enclosure.


Change your passwords from default settings


Even once your DVR is physically secure, footage can be accessed if the DVR has been networked. Make sure you change your passwords from the ”easy to guess“ manufacturer’s ones on both the DVR itself and the client software. Read how to change the alienDVR password in our online manual here.


Check around the site for other causes

Both cable and wirefree systems can be affected by factors that are beyond your control. Heavy duty machinery, lighting and other electronic devices too close to your cable run can all impact on the quality of your image and should be avoided using a different route. Wirefree signals can be severely impacted by simple things such as foil backed plasterboard that attenuates the transmission signal. Check out our DOs & DONíTs of wirefree transmission for some handy tips here.


Factor in commissioning time

Organisations such as Cambridge City Council have introduced a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all CCTV related issues. Even if you’re not the same scale of organisation, it’s worth having your own MR SPOC who takes care of CCTV security, passwords compliance and staff training and monitors it with frequent regularity.

(*Source: The European Commission ”Strategic Risk Guide“ 2014 and Department for Business Innovation & Skills (Information Security Breaches Survey) 2014 Page 02/03)

Article Posted: 27/08/2021 09:17:53

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