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Audio Devices

Thereís more than just images when it comes to CCTV. Sound is a key aspect of any CCTV system, whether it be recording or playing and we have a range of devices that can be used with your cameras to capture information and your customerís attention!

VoiceOff MP3 Message Players

Itís easy to trigger VoiceOff to deliver its pre-recorded messages. You can use PIRs, break beams, door contacts or anything that has a switched output.

VoiceOff Messages

Pre-recorded messages and sound files covering a wide range of subjects including health & safety announcements, customer service messages and more. Choose from AI voices that are great for system messages or opt for one recorded by a professional voice over artist. MP3 format - ideal for use with the VoiceOFF voice annunciator.


A great range of wall mount, ceiling mount and covert lead microphones, perfect for adding sound recordings to your CCTV footage or for use in an AV system.

VoiceOff Annunciator Software

Designed to schedule and automate sound files on the VoiceOFF voice annuciator.

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VoiceOff Alarm Activated MP3 Message Player

Itís really easy to trigger a VoiceOFF to deliver its pre-recorded messages. You can use PIRs, break beams, door contacts, output relays of other equipment or anything that has a switched output.

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VoiceOff Movement Activated MP3 Message Player

The VoiceOFF "VOX111" is a great way to automatically play pre-recorded messages to visitors at your business.

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Wall Mount Microphone

This audio add-on & pre-amp module is ideal for general CCTV applications or for adding internal sound to pick-up to a traditional CCTV system.

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Ceiling Mount Microphone

A discreet ceiling mounted microphone that adds high quality audio to your CCTV systems.

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3 Wire Microphone Leads

With the length of the unit just 40mm and a diameter of 7.5mm this tiny microphone discretely adds high-quality sound to your CCTV systems.

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Microphone Leads With DC & Phono Sockets

These clever, little microphone adds a professional audio recording to your CCTV system by simply plugging in the Phono and DC power leads to your camera or other equipment.

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VoiceOff Extension Speaker

Designed specifically for the VoiceOff unit it simply adds an extra speaker to your unit allowing you to cover a larger area.

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