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CVBS (Analogue) Baluns

CVBS (Analogue) Baluns
CVBS (Analogue) Baluns

Designed for use with a CVBS (analogue) signal from an older CCTV camera or the analogue output of a newer 4-in-1 HD camera.



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Passive CVBS Baluns - Whilst Stocks Last

These CVBS baluns are ideal for transmitting analogue CCTV footage up to 100m over CAT5 and a real bargain whilst stocks last.

In Stock
1Ch Passive  (CVBS) Baluns

Pair of in-line 1ch passive baluns can transmit video up to 100m over CAT5. Baluns can be snapped together forming 1 block.

In Stock
1Ch Passive Pigtail  (CVBS & Power) Baluns

You can send power up to a 100m at maximum current of 100mA as well as the video with this balun pair simply connect one balun to the camera's video and power and the other to a DVR and PSU

In Stock
1Ch Passive Pigtail (CVBS) Balun w/ Ground Loop Isolator

1ch Passive video balun with built in ground loop isolator, solves 2 problems at once.

In Stock
Wall-Mount Active (CVBS) Balun Receivers

This active balun range is ideal for transmitting analogue CCTV footage up to 2Km over CAT5!

In Stock

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4K HD Baluns
- work with up to 4K TVI, CVI, AHD as well as CVBS (old Analogue) video signals.

BAL4KP Manual

HD Baluns - TVI, CVI, AHD & CVBS compatible.

BAL806 Manual Here

CVBS Balun Manuals
BAL102 - Mini 1ch Passive
BAL250 - 1ch Passive With Ground Loop Isolator
BAL106 - 1ch In-line Passive 22 BAL206 - 1ch Pigtail Passive
BAL215 - 1ch Pigtail Passive, Video, Power & Data
BAL304 - 4ch Wall-mount Passive 30 BAL308 - 8ch Wall-mount Passive
BAL316 - 16ch Rack-mount Passive

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