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Cable Clips

Cable Clips
Cable Clips

Choice of cable clips to suit common cables used by most installers. Supplied in tough screw lid tubs.




Price Range

Round 3.5mm Cable Clips

Small round clips suitable for alarm and 4 core cables.

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Round 6mm Cable Clips

Ideal for RG59 co-ax and mini RG59+2 composite cables with extra hard nails - resist bending!

In Stock
Flat 1mm Cable Clips

Electricians cable clips for twin & earth cable, with extra hard nails that resist bending and a softer plastic that resists shattering.

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Flat 2.5mm Cable Clips

Heavy duty electricians clips for twin & earth wire.

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Flat 6mm Cable Clips

Flat clips for composite shotgun style cable such as RG59+2, twin CAT5 or CAT5+2!

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Round 4mm Cable Clips

Small round clips ideal for our mini RG59 and 4 core cables, supplied in handy tubs.

In Stock
Round 12mm Cable Clips

Larger clips designed for use with our PTZ combo cable!

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Round 5mm Cable Clips

Softer plastic that resists shattering perfect for CAT5 cable!

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Spec Sheets

  • PTZ Combo Cable (RG59+4)
    - CAB060 - PDF
  • RG59 & Mini RG59 Co-ax Cable
    - CAB090 / CAB095 / CAB301 / CAB302 / CAB500 / CAB520 - PDF
  • Mini RG59 Composite Cable (Mini RG59+2)
    - CAB308 / CAB309 - PDF
  • Quick Connection Leads
    - CAB700 / CAB705 - PDF

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