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Cable Tools

Cable Tools
Cable Tools

Get the job done with ease! Choose from our selection of invaluable cable tools perfect for any professional CCTV installer.


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Crimp Tool for 3 Piece BNCs

The TOO951 BNC crimp tool is an essential piece of kit for CCTV installers.

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HumBloc Ground Loop Isolator

Cures humbars quickly and easily. New quad technology works with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and analogue equipment.

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Cable Ties

Mega tub of 1000 white nylon cable ties.

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Cable Access Rods

Glass-reinforced polyester cable access rod sets include hook end, ring end, and flexi extender. Comes with a handy storage tube.

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DYMO Handheld Label Printer

Hand-held DYMO label printer ideal for labelling cables. Easy to use and portable. Great tool for any installer.

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Cable Tie Gun 2.5-3.6-4.8mm

Quickly tightens ties around wire and cable bundles in one simple action.

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CCTV Installer's Tool Set

4 of our best selling tools ideal for installers new to CCTV!

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Long Reach Bent Nose Pliers

Hardened and tempered chrome vanadium long reach pliers. Great when space is tight.

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Fish Tape

Smooth reeling, sprung-steel electrician's fish tape for easy cable and wire threading through conduit, walls or under floors.

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LAN Tester - RJ45 & RJ11

Portable LAN tester for testing networks and cables. Features RJ45 & RJ11 connections.

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Punch Down Tool

To cut and insert cables into telephone accessories.

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RG59 Cable Stripper

Easily cuts and strips away RG59 cable outer sheaf and inner core. A great time saver when connecting plugs. Strips to the perfect lengths for our 3 piece BNC crimps

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Side Cutters

A low-cost, useful pair of side cutters, ideal for working with smaller types of cable such as alarm cable or cutting centre cores on co-ax cables.

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BNC Removal Tool

Remove hard to reach BNC plugs from their sockets with this handy tool!

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RJ45 Ratchet Crimp Tool

For crimping RJ45 (8p8c) plugs onto cable. Can also be used for RJ11 (6p6c) and RJ12 (6p6c) plugs, with built-in wire cutters & stripper.

In Stock
BNC Crimp Tool

Crimps 2pc, 3pc and mini 3pc BNC Crimps. The clever design means you now only need one tool for all your BNC crimping needs.

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Contractor's RapidFit RJ45 Crimp Tool

This great value tool is a must for any IP CCTV installer allowing you to shave hours off each week by making the swap to RapidFit over standard RJ45 plugs.

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Professional RapidFit RJ45 Crimp Tool

A heavier more robust tool than the TOO995, the Professional RapidFit Ratchet crimp tool has been designed for continued daily usage with longer moulded easy-grip handles.

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Spec Sheets

  • PTZ Combo Cable (RG59+4)
    - CAB060 - PDF
  • RG59 & Mini RG59 Co-ax Cable
    - CAB090 / CAB095 / CAB301 / CAB302 / CAB500 / CAB520 - PDF
  • Mini RG59 Composite Cable (Mini RG59+2)
    - CAB308 / CAB309 - PDF
  • Quick Connection Leads
    - CAB700 / CAB705 - PDF

Top Tips

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  • How can I prevent ground loop interference along my cable run? - TIP344
  • How can I connect a BNC to a twisted pair or alarm cable? - TIP340
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