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BNC Adaptors

BNC Adaptors
BNC Adaptors

Practical range of BNC adaptors and couplers to convert BNC or Phono plugs & sockets.

Mega Pack Of Our Best Selling Connectors - Pack Of 1000

This handy collection of our top 10 most popular CCTV connectors. This mega pack of 1000 connectors includes BNC crimps, T-pieces & adaptors. RJ45 crimps, adaptors & couplers. Zulug DC to T-strip plugs & sockets.

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M-Purp BNC Plug Straight Gem PK100

Popular BNC plug with screw terminalconnection designed for multi-core cables.

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Right-Angle BNC Coupler

Ideal for rack-mount equipment or when space is tight, created to make a standard BNC plug into a right angled one.

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BNC Plug To Phono Socket Adaptors

Adaptor for converting a Phono plug used as a video out connection on many CCTV devices into a BNC plug.

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BNC T-Pieces (3x Female)

Another T-piece for splitting a video into 2 signals. With 3 BNC sockets, itís ideal for connecting up 3 BNC leads.

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BNC Couplers (2x Female)

These BNC couplers provide a fast way of connecting 2 BNC leads or plugs in-line.

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BNC Socket To Phono Plug Adapters

Converts a BNC plug into a phono plug, ideal for plugging into SCART adaptors and AV equipment.

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BNC Coupler (2x Male)

Unusual BNC Plug-Plug adaptor that converts a BNC socket (female) into a BNC plug (male).

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BNC T-Pieces (1x Male - 2x Female)

This T-piece quickly splits a BNC Video signal into two outputs for fast splitting of the signal into 2 devices.

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BNC Plug To Terminal Strip Adaptors

This easy to wire Zulug is a fast way to make a BNC plug on a multi-core cable such as CAT5 or alarm.

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Read more in our FAQs.

Do RapidFit RJ45 connectors fit CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable?

There's a RapidFit RJ45 plug for both CAT 5 and CAT6 cable in UTP or STP versions too.

RapidFit RJ45 UTP for CAT5 (CON830)

Commonly used for most IP CCTV systems, this revolutionary new range of RapidFit RJ45 plugs will shave hours off your working week.

RapidFit RJ45 UTP for CAT6 (CON840)

RapidFit RJ45 plugs are also available for unshielded or shielded CAT6 that might be used in some installations to achieve a higher bandwidth than CAT5.

RapidFit RJ45 STP for CAT5 (CON835)

RapidFit plugs for CAT5 STP. Shielded twisted pair is commonly used in hostile environments where there's a high level of interference from other equipment such as heavy duty machinery.

RapidFit RJ45 STP for CAT6 (CON845)

RapidFit plugs for CAT6 STP. Shielded twisted pair is commonly used in hostile environments where there's a high level of interference from other equipment such as heavy duty machinery.

How do I fit a RapidFit RJ45 Crimp Plug? (How to - Video)
Watch our short video on how easy the RapidFit RJ45 range of crimps is to fit.

RapidFit RJ45 - How to fit - Video (4 mins)
What's the correct wire order for RapidFit plugs?
Wiring the RapidFit plug is easy, as you look down with the cable pointing away from you this is from left to right as follows:


Orange & White Stripes, Solid Orange
Green & White Stripes, Solid Green
Blue & White Stripes, Solid Blue
Brown & White Stripes, Solid Brown

RapidFit Wiring Guide

More information for the general public at our website: rapidfitcctv.com

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