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Test Equipment
Test Equipment

All the testers and meters you need for planning and performing an install to trouble shooting and fault-finding issues which may arise.

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HandyBattery - Rechargeable 12V DC Battery Pack

Our Handy-Battery is one of those truly indispensable products that we use in our own workshops on a daily basis, which we thought our customers would benefit from too.

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Digital Multimeter

A great value digital multimeter with low battery indicator and AC Max 500V, DC Max 500V, Voltage measures DC range 200mV - 500V. Current range 2mA-5A. Resistance Max 2 mega ohms.

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Clamp Meter

Easy to use and perfect for most applications measuring voltage, current, diodes and continuity.

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3-in-1 Stud Detector

Handy 3 in 1 detector for locating studs, live AC wiring and metal objects.

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Socket Tester

UK mains socket tester easily identifies various 13A mains socket wiring faults.

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3-in-1 Voltage Tester

3-in-1 voltage tester indicates voltage range and helps find faults.

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LAN Tester - RJ45 & RJ11

Portable LAN tester for testing networks and cables. Features RJ45 & RJ11 connections.

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Test equipment to keep in your van, watch the videos for these handy items...

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Rechargeable 12V Battery Pack with 2.1mm DC Plug - Full PDF Manual

The above manual covers the following models:
BAT510 / BAT200 / 

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