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iSense AI Cameras

iSense AI Cameras
iSense AI Cameras

Built-in iSENSE automatically scans the video and can help identify people or vehicles, massively reducing false alarms and saving huge amounts of time for CCTV users.

The new Zip iSENSE IP CCTV cameras are packed with technology. They operate like a normal IP camera producing stunning high resolution video that you can record locally on a microSD card in the camera or to a ZipNVR for longer term multi-camera recording.

iSENSE technology now adds the ability to detect people or vehicles and even alert you when they do so by email. Face detection can be done with or without the ZipNVR but for face detection and recognition you need to use a Zip iSENSE NVR to do the database matching. To unleash the colossal capability of the new cameras it’s strongly recommended to use them with the Zip iSENSE NVRs to get the most out of these superb cameras.






Price Range

Tiny Pinhole Lens IP Camera Modules With AI

Tiny IP CCTV module with face & vehicle detection! It can be mounted in your own enclosure or hidden in the fabric of a building. Housed in a compact 38x38mm metal case and supplied with a U shaped fixing bracket.

In Stock
5-50mm POWERzoom IP Bullet Cameras With AI

With a longer range 5-50mm varifocal lens, this bullet style camera is a popular choice for use in car parks and to monitor entrances to yards.

In Stock
2.8-12mm Varifocal IP Bullet Cameras With AI

This bullet model is a great choice for the exterior of buildings. It is easily recognisable as a CCTV camera and is a great deterrent.

In Stock
2.8-12mm IP Eyeball With iSense - 5MP

An attractive eyeball with built-in ANPR providing simply staggering value for money, perfect for ZIP NVR Kits.

In Stock
3.6mm Fixed Lens IP Dome Cameras With AI

This attractive midi size dome looks great in any environment and being IP66 it can be used equally well outdoors or indoors.

In Stock
2.8-12mm Varifocal IP Anti-Vandal Dome Cameras With AI

Housed in an attractive but rugged anti-vandal case with a tough polycarbonate dome, this IP camera produces stunning images from its ultra high resolution electronics.

In Stock
3.6mm Fixed Lens IP Eyeball Cameras With AI

This attractive eyeball packs a real punch delivering stunning wide angle images from its fixed 3.6mm lens straight out of the box pre-focused and ready to go.

In Stock
2.8-12mm Varifocal IP Eyeball Cameras With AI

This superb ultra high resolution eyeball boasts an extended motorised power-zoom of 2.8-12mm to get the very last drop of flexibility out of this high performance camera.

In Stock
5-50mm IP Bullet 4K White iSense ANPR

The new FacePLATE PowerZoom camera is a powerful product for the professional CCTV installer, it has full ANPR & full facial recognition in one product.

In Stock

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# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - Zip IP Cameras

Below you can view and download quick start guides and manuals for our Zip IP range of cameras.

IP-CAM890 - Full Instruction Manual PDF / HTML o Quick Start Guide PDF / HTML

IP-CAM555W - Full Instruction Manual PDF / HTML o Quick Start Guide PDF / HTML

IP-CAM852W - Full Instruction Manual PDF / HTML o Quick Start Guide PDF / HTML

IP-CAM828 - Full Instruction Manual PDF / HTML o Quick Start Guide PDF / HTML

IP-PTZ622W - Full Instruction Manual PDF / HTML o Quick Start Guide PDF

IP-PTZ650W -  Full Instruction Manual PDF / HTML o Quick Start Guide PDF / HTML

IP-CAM350 - Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IP-CAM360 - Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI020Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI505Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI508Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI535Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI538Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI805Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI808Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI855Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI858Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI905Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI908Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCAI955Quick Start Guide / Full Manual

IPCZIP Cameras - Full Manual

The above manual covers the following models:


IP-CAM705 Full Manual

IP-CAM710Full Manual

IP-CAM750Full Manual

IP-CAM760Full Manual

IP-CAM805Full Manual

IP-CAM810 Full Manual

IP-CAM850Full Manual

IP-CAM860Full Manual

IP-PTZ643 - Full Manual

IP-PTZ645 - Full Manual

IP-CAM530 - Full Manual

IP-CAM535 - Full Manual

IP-CAM930 - Full Manual

How do I find a Zip IP CCTV camera on my network?
Easily with the free Zip Finder software. This streamline little tool will quickly scan your network and return a list detailing all Zip IP cameras present.

Find out more about the Zip Finder software here.

How do I upgrade the firmware on a Zip IP CCTV camera?
You will only ever need to upgrade the firmware on a Zip IP CCTV camera if advised to by The Zip CCTV support team and they will provide you with an upgrade file.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the firmware is to use Zip Finder as it allows you to upgrade multiple cameras at the same time. When you have your list of Zip IP cameras you can select each camera you want to upgrade, locate the new firmware file on your PC and click 'Upgrade'.

Find out more about the Zip Finder software here.
When searching for Zip IP CCTV cameras how do I know which camera is which from its IP address?
To make life easier Zip Finder takes the guess work out of which IP address is which camera. Once Zip Finder has found all your IP cameras you can launch each one in your browser and view live images. So no more guessing and confusion, with Zip Finder you know exactly which camera you're working with.

Find out more about the Zip Finder software here.

More information for the general public at our website: www.zipnvr.com

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