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PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras
PTZ Cameras

PTZ (short for Pan-Tilt-Zoom) are high powered cameras (a little more costly than standard cameras) that can be programmed to automatically patrol/tour an area or even “follow” an alarm activated movement. Popular in town centres where operators can keep a watch over events and use a keypad or control device such as a NVR to zoom into an area of concern to capture up-close footage.

Installers say.. 

“Good choice on commercial installations overlooking car parks or public areas.”

22x Optical Zoom IP PTZ Camera

The new ZIP 22x IP PTZ really punches above its weight in picture quality, producing fabulous results from its high end optics and 2MP low light sensor

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# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - Zip IP Cameras
Zip IP Camera Quick Start Guide

Zip IP Camera Full Manual
How do I find a Zip IP CCTV camera on my network?
Easily with the free Zip Finder software. This streamline little tool will quickly scan your network and return a list detailing all Zip IP cameras present.

Find out more about the Zip Finder software here.

How do I upgrade the firmware on a Zip IP CCTV camera?
You will only ever need to upgrade the firmware on a Zip IP CCTV camera if advised to by The Zip CCTV support team and they will provide you with an upgrade file.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the firmware is to use Zip Finder as it allows you to upgrade multiple cameras at the same time. When you have your list of Zip IP cameras you can select each camera you want to upgrade, locate the new firmware file on your PC and click 'Upgrade'.

Find out more about the Zip Finder software here.
When searching for Zip IP CCTV cameras how do I know which camera is which from its IP address?
To make life easier Zip Finder takes the guess work out of which IP address is which camera. Once Zip Finder has found all your IP cameras you can launch each one in your browser and view live images. So no more guessing and confusion, with Zip Finder you know exactly which camera you're working with.

Find out more about the Zip Finder software here.

More information for the general public at our website: www.zipnvr.com

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