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IP Switches etc

IP Switches etc

A superb range of devices and accessories to complement your IP CCTV system or network from high power, high load switches to wireless bridges and even RJ45 connectors and crimp tools.

PoE Extenders

Ideal for fitting at the end of a network cable, these handy PoE extenders can extend the run by 100m.

PoE Injectors

A great way to add Power Over Ethernet to a non-PoE network, it removes the need for a separate power source when using IP CCTV devices.

PoE Switches

PoE switches allow data to flow seamlessly from one device to another allowing an easy way to connect everything together.

PoE Splitters

Our range of PoE splitters are perfect for connecting and powering non PoE IP cameras on a PoE network.

IP Over Co-ax

Smart range of products for transmitting IP CCTV signals over existing CO-AX, alarm or telephone cables.

IPmitter Wireless Bridges

Easy wireless IP transmission between buildings. Pro, Standard and Budget models available in black or white.

RapidFit RJ45 Plugs & Tools

A range of products from the best-selling RapidFit brand including connectors and tools. It's the way to fit an RJ45 in less than minute!

Network Leads

Pre-made patch leads with extra long lengths up to 100m, perfect for networking & CCTV jobs! Great value in choice of colours and lengths.

Non-PoE Switches

A range of simple plug and play None-PoE 100Mbps Switches with 100M run capabilities that can add extra flexability to a network infrastructure.


Price Range

High Load Capacity 71W Gigabit 6 Port PoE Switch

Very powerful 1Gbps 4 way switch that can supply up to 71W of power per port. Designed for higher load PoE CCTV equipment.

In Stock
High Load Capacity Gigabit PoE Switches

ScatterBox Gigabit PoE switches have been specifically tailored for powering and connecting IP CCTV cameras to a network thanks to their high speed capacity and high load capacity.

In Stock
5 & 8 Port Non-PoE 100Mbps Switches

With this new 5 and 8-port non-PoE switch, you can create a hive where your printer, computer, and cameras are all connected to one network switch. It can be powered via the 5V DC supplied or from a USB. You know what that means! Power from a TV or laptop! Add extra flexibility to your network infrastructure with this low-cost switch that has 100m run capabilities.

In Stock
IP Over Co-ax, CAT5/6 Or Alarm Cable

Simply connect an IP Mule to either end of the cable and you get a network created from one end to the other! It can be used for IP cameras or any other network device you want to connect. **OFFER** Spend over £300 ex-vat on CCTVmule branded products and get a free patch lead bundle worth £28!!

In Stock
Mini Adjustable PoE Splitter

This compact wall-mount PoE splitter is ideal for use with IP CCTV cameras but also a wide range of IP equipment thanks to its adjustable output voltage of 5 to 12V DC.

In Stock
Wall Mount PoE Splitter

The POE003 isn’t just a wall mount PoE splitter, its IP44 rated ABS case protects the electronics inside making it a great choice for use in outbuildings or under porches.

In Stock
1Ch PoE Extender

Low cost IP PoE extenders. Add on the end of a 100M run to extend the run by a further 100M. Cascade up to 2 for a 300M run.

In Stock
4Ch PoE Extender

Very useful PoE extender and 4 way splitter. Add on to the end of a 100M run to extend into 4 more 100m runs. Note the output has a max power of 22W shared over the 4 outputs. If you need more power and a full 1 Gig solution have a look at our POE154 rated at 60W output.

In Stock
2Ch Gigabit PoE Extender

Handy High Speed IP PoE Extender and 2 way splitter. Full 1 Gig in and out this is a really useful piece of kit for both extending PoE past the 100m mark and also adding on a 2nd IP device or connection. Powered by the inbound IP for ease of installation.

In Stock
4Ch Gigabit PoE Switch & Extender

This handy PoE switch is actually powered by its incoming PoE connection, so you can install it anywhere along a PoE cable run as a 4 way switch without having to worry about how to power it. It also then re-distributes its PoE input to power 4 more PoE devices, how clever is that?!

In Stock
Gigabit PoE Injector

Add 30W of power into a network allowing PoE cameras to be added on to the cable run after it. Runs of 100M in and out of the device are easily achievable on a standard 100Mbps network.

In Stock

Watch the video on our best selling IPmitter Wirless Bridges...

Read more in our FAQs.

# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - PoE Switches

PoE Switch Range - Full Manual (PDF)

The above manual covers the following models:
POE304 / POE308 / POE504 / POE508 / POE516 / POE524

POE GigaBit Pro Switch Range - Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

The above manual covers the following models:
POE604 / POE608 / POE624

POE304 - 6 Port 100Mbps PoE Switch - Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

POE308 - 10 Port 100Mbps PoE Switch - Quick Start Guide (PDF)  / (HTML)

POE606 - High Load Gigabit Switch - 71W per port - Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

POE409 - 9 Port Gigabit PoE Switch - Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

NET105 / NET108 - 5 & 8 Port Non-PoE 100mbps Switch - Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

POE516 - High Load PoE Gigabit Swich 20 Port (16 Down / 4 Up)

Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

POE100 - 1Ch PoE Extender - Quick Start Guide (PDF)

POE152 - Full 1Gbps PoE Extender and 2 Way Switch Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

POE154 - Full 1Gbps PoE Extender and 4 Way Switch  Quick Start Guide PDF / HTML

POE200 - Full 1Gbps PoE Injector - Quick Start Guide (PDF)

POE399 - Spare CCTVmatePoE Injector - Quick Start Guide (PDF) / (HTML)

POE001 - Mini PoE Splitter - Quick Start Guide (PDF)

POE002 - Mini Adjustable PoE Splitter - Quick Start Guide (PDF)

POE003 - Wall Mount PoE Splitter - Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Legacy PoE Switch Range - Full Manual (PDF)

The above manual covers the following models:
POE163 / POE401 / POE802

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