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PoE Extenders

PoE Extenders
PoE Extenders

Ideal for fitting at the end of a network cable, these handy PoE extenders can extend the run by 100m.

1Ch PoE Extender

Low cost IP PoE extenders. Add on the end of a 100M run to extend the run by a further 100M. Cascade up to 2 for a 300M run.

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4Ch PoE Extender

Very useful PoE extender and 4 way splitter. Add on to the end of a 100M run to extend into 4 more 100m runs. Note the output has a max power of 22W shared over the 4 outputs. If you need more power and a full 1 Gig solution have a look at our POE154 rated at 60W output.

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2Ch Gigabit PoE Extender

Handy High Speed IP PoE Extender and 2 way splitter. Full 1 Gig in and out this is a really useful piece of kit for both extending PoE past the 100m mark and also adding on a 2nd IP device or connection. Powered by the inbound IP for ease of installation.

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4Ch Gigabit PoE Extender

Use this on the end of a PoE circuit to create 4 more full 1Gig ports each with PoE. This means you don’t need a local PSU for the switch. All you need is a high powered PoE device to supply the PoE.

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