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Lighting is a critical component to any security system whether itís used as a deterrent to ward off intruders or vandals or simply to enhance the images from your CCTV cameras at night time. An IR solution is a great way to see more through your CCTV cameras without having glaring lights especially handy in residential areas.


Security lighting is one of the top 10 ways to deter burglars so it's well worth the small investment.

IR Lamps

IR illumination is invisible to the human eye but not CCTV cameras so these lamps are a great discrete way to add extra illumination to a scene.


External PIR (Passive Infra Red) movement detectors with different lens options including 18m standard, 18m anti-pet and long 40m range.


We have a selection of trusty torches and work lights so poor lighting wont stop you getting the job done.

Price Range

Fluorescent 28W Bulkhead Light

This Fluorescent light is housed in a vandal resistant bulkhead.

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IR LED Dome Lamps

A powerful Firefly dome IR illuminator with an IR output of 1.8W at 850nM.

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