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NVR Kit Builder

NVR Kit Builder
NVR Kit Builder

SystemQ has taken two of its best-selling products, ZipNVR & NiteDevil Hero,
and placed them at the core of an IP-based CCTV Kit.

  • Really Easy to Install CCTV Kits
  • Time Saving Installation
  • Feature Packed Performance
  • 5 Simple Steps

Off-The-Shelf Kits Available Here

Easy To Fit CCTV 4 Channel IP Kits

An ideal kit for smaller installs it comes with a powerful featurepacked 4CH Zip PoE NVR plus 2 NiteDevil Hero cameras that produce superb results in low light. Itís easy to add additional cameras to make it the perfect kit for your needs.

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Easy To Fit IP CCTV 8 Channel Kits

This medium-sized KIT comes with a powerful feature-packed 8Ch Zip PoE NVR plus 4 NiteDevil Hero cameras that produce superb results in low light. You can add more Hero cameras to the Kit or choose alternative ones to give additional features.

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Easy To Fit CCTV 16 Channel IP Kits

This superb KIT comes with a powerful feature-packed 16CH Zip PoE NVR plus 8 NiteDevil Hero cameras that produce superb results in low light.

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Really easy to install CCTV Kits

Installers have said they are "dead easy to fit", "really easy to fit" and "a doddle to fit" and they are not wrong, our new kits are a game changer in CCTV, packed with features, low cost and easy to fit systems.

Save Time

The NiteDevil Hero cameras simply plug into the NVR using off-the-shelf patch leads and when the system is switched on they pretty much configure themselves, itís easy & effortless.

They Perform

The legendary NiteDevil Hero is our best-ever camera in low light so it gives great results meaning happier customers and more repeat business.

Simple 5 Step Installation
  1. A simple CAT5e cable is all thatís required between cameras and the NVR. Power to the camera is supplied by the ZIP NVR itself.
  2. Connecting up the cameras and NVR is easy using a simple RJ45 plug at each end
  3. Turn on your ZIP NVR, it will auto-detect your cameras and start to record with no programming required.
  4. Setup your router. We can help you with this.
  5. Scan the QR code to set up your customerís phone for "on the go" control of their ZIP CCTV system


  • Real-time 4K Recording
  • ANPR & Facial Recognition*
  • Google & Alexa integration

The PoE ZIP NVR is a surveillance device that is easy to install and can power NiteDevil IP cameras directly. It features a built-in LAN boost for long cable runs and iSENSE technology to monitor power usage and detect people and vehicles.

The device can be integrated with Google and Alexa and offers cloud backup. The iSENSE firmware reduces false alarms by accurately identifying objects and triggering events based on user-defined ned criteria.

Intelligent Dual Stream recording means you can record at 4K and a lower resolution so remote monitoring is lightning fast but you still have stunning 4K video for evidence when you need it.

Remote viewing on a phone is superb with the new ZIPVision Pro app. Fully loaded with features such as search and play, instant notify cations, face database

NiteDevil® HERO IP camera

a comparison between a IR camera and a NiteDevil one.

NiteDevil® Technology in Action (images for guidance only)

The best-ever colour camera for low-light conditions, with a built-in warning strobe and advanced image-processing technology for exceptional image quality and clarity.

The NiteDevil® HERO IP camera is designed to provide high-quality colour images in both day and night conditions using its built-in NiteDevil technology which performs superbly even in just moon light giving you great colour pictures.

The camera has both IR and white light built-in, allowing the installer to choose between obvious or covert IR illumination or none at all.

The camera also has ďhuman detectionĒ and can distinguish between people and other objects in its field of view. When it detects a person, it can warn them away with a built-in flashing strobe light and alarm siren. The camera can also detect vehicles in its field of view and has a built-in microphone for listening for specific c sounds.

The Zip NVR comes with a scheduler for setting when the deterrent features are active. It is also compatible with ZipPro android and iOS apps and the Windows ZipVision Pro software.

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