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Power Supplies

These days, CCTV cameras are installer friendly operating in the low voltage range of either 12V DC or PTZ models in 24V AC. We only sell our own brand of PSUs called 'AntiHum®'. AntiHum® are specifically manufactured and designed for CCTV usage and the high-quality of these helps combat signal interference on CCTV camera pictures.

Poor quality PSUs can cause moving lines on camera pictures or 'ripple' which is caused by the poor regulation of the PSU. We test all the PSUs we sell to make sure they are great for use with CCTV. If you want to know a PSU is ok to use with CCTV, a good box to tick, is to get an AntiHum®!

Plug-In Power Supplies

Quality regulated power supplies, ideal for locally powering CCTV cameras.

In-Line Power Supplies

In-line power supplies that are great for use with thirstier CCTV equipment or as a replacement PSU for DVRs.

Wall Mount Power Supplies

Multi port power supplies that are easy to wall mount and keep your installation looking tidy.

Rack Mount Power Supplies

Perfect for rack mounting or use in a cupboard or on a desk. Fitted with a voltage display that's great for troubleshooting on longer cable runs.

Regulators & Isolators

Mini regulators are a great way to step down voltage from one device to another and our HumBloc isolators are perfect for curing groundloop issues.

Battery Packs

Battery packs are perfect for testing equipment and temporary or mobile CCTV installations.

AlienDVR Replacement Power Supplies

Quality 4 pin power supplies for AlienDVRs to replace the original unit supplied with the recorder if it has been lost or if it has failed.

DC Leads & Connectors

Handy for connecting up power supply units to equipment or extending the length of their lead reach. Also includes our best selling easy to fit Zulug DC connector range.



Price Range

Power Supply Regulator - 24V AC To 12V DC

The VoltDevil voltage regulator provides 12V DC output from 18-24V AC input!

In Stock
Replacement AlienDVR Power Supplies

Ideal replacement for lost or failed AlienDVR PSUs.

In Stock
12V DC 5A PSU With 4 Outputs & Adjustable Voltage

A 5A wall mount PSU with adjustable 12V - 14.9V DC output and 4 way connection strip.

In Stock
HumBloc Ground Loop Isolator

Cures humbars quickly and easily. New quad technology works with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and analogue equipment.

In Stock
HandyBattery - Rechargeable 12V DC Battery Pack

Our Handy-Battery is one of those truly indispensable products that we use in our own workshops on a daily basis, which we thought our customers would benefit from too.

In Stock
12V DC Plug-In Power Supplies

Superb little plug in PSUs use the latest 'switched mode electronics' for high efficiency, low heat and a clean regulated 12V output.

In Stock
Lockable 12V DC & 24V AC Wall-Mount Power Supplies

Ideal for commercial installers, these wall-mount power supplies are housed in a tough metal case with a key lock to prevent unauthorised access.

In Stock
12V DC Rack-Mount Power Supplies

How it works: The 240V AC input is converted to multiple 12V DC outputs (9 or 17) with a total current output of 10 or 20 Amps, depending on the model.

In Stock
12V DC In-Line Power Supplies

Higher loading of 2A and 5A means these compact, high quality in-line PSUs can power more demanding products like DVRs or multiple cameras in one go.

In Stock

Check out these videos to see some of our power supply solutions in action...

Read more in our FAQs.

# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - Power Supplies

Voltage Regulators

  • POW061 - VoltDevil Power Supply Regulator - PDF Manual

Wall-Mount PSUs

  • POW400 - Wall-Mount 9ch 5A 12V DC PSU - PDF Manual
  • POW500 - Wall-Mount 6ch 6A 24V AC PSU - PDF Manual

Rack-Mount PSUs

  • POW570 - Rack-Mount 9ch 10A 12V DC PSU - PDF Manual
  • POW572 - Rack-Mount 17ch 20A 12V DC PSU - PDF Manual

Ground Loop Isolators

DC Splitter & Extension Leads

Zulug DC to T-Strip Connectors

  • Zulug DC Connectors - DC to screw terminal connectors - PDF Manual

The above manual covers the following models:
CON370 / CON370K / CON371 / CON371K / CON375 / CON376 / CON377 / CON378 / BULK-CON370


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