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Rack-Mount Cabinets

Rack-Mount Cabinets
Rack-Mount Cabinets

Designed to house 19 rack mount equipment including CCTV recorders, power supplies, distributors as well as computer and networking gear, this great value range includes compatible shelves and patch panels for creating a secure and tidy environment for your valuable CCTV or IT hardware.

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19 Inch Rack-Mount 4U Cabinet

The compact design of the Eagle 19 inch 4U wall mounting cabinets make them ideal for smaller networks and work groups.

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19 Inch Rack-Mount 1U Sliding Shelf (14 Inch Deep)

This 19 1U adjustable sliding shelf lets you add additional shelving capacity to virtually any standard 19 server rack or cabinet.

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19 Inch Rack-Mount 1U Cantilever Shelf

The shelf is vented to allow for vertical airflow to circulate around your equipment keeping it cool.

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19 Inch Rack-Mount 1U 6 Way Power Distributor

This 6-Way horizontal PDU with a 1U 19 aluminium shell is ideal for use in network cabinets and racks!

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19 Inch Rack-Mount 1U 24 Port CAT5 Patch Panel

Great 24-way panel for networking applications converting RJ45 ports to dual IDC connections.

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M6 Nut & Screw 20 Pack

Pack of 20 fixings ideal for installing equipment into rack mount cabinets.

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12V DC Fan Kit

These 12V DC fan kits allow cool air to be circulated around the electronic equipment stored inside a KitVault DVR/NVR enclosure or rack-mount cabinet.

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Read more in our FAQs.

What are the exact dimensions of the KitVault DVR and NVR enclosures?

KitVault secure lockboxes for CCTV equipment come in a range of sizes from extra small to large.


Please Note - the "Internal Dimensions" shows the maximum size of DVR or NVR the KitVault could take with enough room left at the rear for making your connections.

More information for the general public at our website: www.kitvault.com

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