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DVR & NVR PC Client Software

DVR & NVR PC Client Software
DVR & NVR PC Client Software

Comprehensive client software for complete control of your Zip or Alien recorder from a Windows PC via LAN or over the internet.

ZipVision - Zip DVR & NVR PC Client Software

Modern, slick and easy to use are the best ways to describe the "ZipVision" software. It’s a feature packed software that has been designed in the UK and as a result is really intuitive to use without any real learning curve.

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# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - alienVision Software

Here are some quicklinks for the alienVision software.

alienVision Download
You will need your activation key for this, it will look something like this...
Download HERE

AlienVision is initially supplied with 5 licences, additional licences can be purchased here:

or transferred for a small admin fee here:
Transfer HERE

If your current software is the older CCTVwindows package, we recommend you upgrade this to the new alienVision release for extra functionality:
Upgrade HERE

FREE Phone Apps
Android CCTV apps
iOS CCTV apps

FREE Player Software
FREE 1ch Player
Low Cost 4ch Player

Other alienDVR compatible software
More alienDVR compatible software HERE

Need help?
For a small fee we can log into your DVR for a remote session to set up networking, record setting and more, see our range of support options HERE.


CCTVWindows Software Manual;


How do I add & edit a device on AlienVision?
To check and edit the settings,

1. Go to SETUP
2 Double click on the DVR No 1 (or other name on the left under default group)
3. Then you can edit the settings:

Device Name : (Can be anything)
Register Mode : Normal Domain or Normal IP
Domain Name : XXXXX.ippostcode.com / IP ADDRESS (192.168.x.xxx)
Port : 8240 (or other server port)
Username : admin (or other)
Password : xxxxxx
Channel No. : DVR Channels

4.Click ok
5. Then go to preview
6. Then double click on the DVR on the left.

Why does my PC error "Least resolution is 1024 * 768" when running AlienVision?
Windows 10 Font scaling can cause problems with the scaling on AlienVision. AlienVision when running properly will populate the whole screen of the PC.

So to sort this out you will need to adjust the DPI Scaling behaviour for AlienVision.
Follow the steps below:

> Right click "AlienVision" on the Desktop.
> Click "Properties"
> Click "Compatibility"
> Select "Change High DPI Settings"
> Tick High DPI Scaling override
>Click OK, Apply and OK

Try to run AlienVision again.

More information for the general public at our website: aliendvr.com and www.zipnvr.com

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