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Bulk Buys

Bulk Buys

Huge savings when you buy your CCTV essentials in bulk.

Mega Pack Of Our Best Selling Connectors - Pack Of 1000

This handy collection of our top 10 most popular CCTV connectors. This mega pack of 1000 connectors includes BNC crimps, T-pieces & adaptors. RJ45 crimps, adaptors & couplers. Zulug DC to T-strip plugs & sockets.

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Short BNC Leads Up to 1.2m

Extra short leads are unusually short but ideal for looping through racks between DVRs & distributors etc.

In Stock
Medium BNC Leads Up To 5m

Medium 2 or 5m leads typically used for interconnecting a DVR to a monitor screen.

In Stock
1Ch 4K Passive Baluns - 4K, HD & CVBS - 50 Pairs

These HD baluns cover all bases when youíre out and about installing CCTV on a daily basis. Working with 4K, TVI, CVI, AHD and even CVBS cameras why use anything else? They even slot together to make neat multi-way balun units.

In Stock
HandyBattery - Rechargable 12V DC Battery Packs & Chargers - Bundle of 20

Our Handy-Battery is one of those truly indispensable products that we use in our own workshops on a daily basis, which we thought our customers would benefit from too. Bulk Bundle of 20

In Stock
4MP 3.6mm Black IP Camera 4pcs Bundle

In many installations your customer doesnít want a camera to protrude much from the ceiling, seeking a modern but discreet IP camera. Where this is the case the mini dome is the perfect choice.

In Stock
2 Piece BNC Crimps - Pack Of 1000

Identical to the 3 piece design but slightly faster to fit as the centre pin is supplied as part of the main plug body. Only the outer ferrule requires crimping. Suits RG59.

In Stock
3 Piece BNC Crimps - Pack Of 1000

1000 of our best-selling 3 piece BNC crimp with brass centre-pin, ideal for making off standard RG59 into a BNC Plug.

In Stock
BNC T-Pieces (3x Female)

Another T-piece for splitting a video into 2 signals. With 3 BNC sockets, itís ideal for connecting up 3 BNC leads.

In Stock
BNC Couplers (2x Female)

These BNC couplers provide a fast way of connecting 2 BNC leads or plugs in-line.

In Stock
BNC Coupler (2x Male)

Unusual BNC Plug-Plug adaptor that converts a BNC socket (female) into a BNC plug (male).

In Stock
Zulug 2.1mm DC Plug To T-strip Adapters

The fastest way to make up a 2.1mm DC plug and lead. Simply wire 0 and 12V and it's done!

In Stock
Zulug 2.1mm DC Socket To T-strip Adapters

A fast way to make up a 2.1mm DC socket lead with multi-core cables such as CAT 5 or alarm cable.

In Stock
CD/DVD Evidence Stickers

Popular with the public sector, these easy peel CD/DVD stickers are a simple way to label up video evidence.

In Stock
Round 6mm Cable Clips

Ideal for RG59 co-ax and mini RG59+2 composite cables with extra hard nails - resist bending!

In Stock
100m RG59+2 Cable In Black - 48 Rolls On A Pallet

Antihum branded RG59+2 cable uses 7 x 0.38 copper conductors for each of the power cores, TWICE the size of some of our competitorís so you can use it for TWICE the distance before you get the same volt drop.

In Stock
200m Twin CAT5e Cable In Black - 36 Rolls On A Pallet

Our twin pair CAT5e for HD CCTV offers 2 CAT5e in one easy to run out shotgun style cable, saving you valuable installation time. Simply put, the twin CAT5e is a more efficient and functional alternative to its predecessors. Run out one cable instead of two - itís a no brainer!

In Stock
3-FOR-2 Microphone Wall Mount + Gain Adjust

Microphones - 3 for 2 !!

In Stock
1ch Relay Bundle 10 - Rascal OPTO Isolating Relays

Handy 1 channel relay bundle of 10 which boast 'opto isolation' of input to output for added safety and to ensure circuits are truly electrically isolated.

In Stock
Break Glass Door Release Bundle of 10

Low cost Break Glass door release buttons bundle of 10.

In Stock
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