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Video Distribution

Video Distribution

If you're an installer in the commercial or retail sector, you're in the right place! These devices allow you to view a video signal on multiple viewing screens, perfect for large commercial properties. Video distributors work by taking video input and duplicating the signal to multiple outputs. Our range of 'ScatterBox' distributors are great for long cable runs as they can send signal over 200m without interference!

Video Distributors

The professional way to split each individual BNC input to multiple monitors!

Video Combiners

The ever popular HD Mules allow you to send multiple video signals down 1 co-ax cable.

Video Amplifiers

Low cost devices that help to boost a TVI, CVI, AHD or CVBS video signal up to 1200m over standard CO-AX.

BNC Leads

Quality pre-moulded BNC-BNC (plug) leads in a range of lengths from 20cm to 20m.

HD Video Distributors

These devices allow you to view a HD video signal on multiple screens.

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Video Amplifiers

Video Distributors

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