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DoorKnox Monitors

DoorKnox Monitors
DoorKnox Monitors

DoorKnox video intercoms.

Door Entry Monitors

Choose the internal monitor you like the look of from the Mini 4 to larger 10.

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# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation - DoorKnox Video Door Entry Range

DoorKnox Door Entry Range

This manual covers the entire DoorKnox camera and monitor range helping you get your system up and running.

The above manual covers the following models:
VDP101 / VDP101-BASE / VDP102 / VDP103 / VDP204 / VDP207 / VDP210 / VDPCARD01 / VDPFOB01 / VDPFOB05

Door Cameras

The above manuals cover door cameras with serial numbers HBY00401 onward.

Door Monitors

WiFi Add-on

Does the DoorKnox record the visitor if I'm out, so I can see who's been? How do I view the images?
Yes it does. It can record a small amount of video (2mins) or around 80 images on an SD card inside the monitor. You can play them on the monitor or you could take the card out and play it on a PC.
If I'm not at home can the DoorKnox remotely notify me if someone is at my property?
Yes it can! To do this you need to link the DoorKnox to the ZipDVR or NVR or alienDVR. The DoorKnox's Call button and video output are connected to the DVR. When someone presses the Call button on the DoorKnox camera it "alarms" the DVR. The DVR records the visitor and can email you three snap shots from the camera to your phone! You could then log into the DVR via the phone app and see and hear live video and audio!
What does the DoorKnox do?
In its basic format it consists of 1 monitor located inside a property and a camera with a "Call button" on the outside of the property. When someone presses the Call button it chimes the monitor and the person inside can see the visitor. A two way intercom allows the occupier to chat to the visitor and then remotely operate a door release to let the visitor in.

More information for the general public at our website: www.doorknox.com

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