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Rapid Deploy Wireless Battery Powered Cameras

Rapid Deploy Wireless Battery Powered Cameras
Rapid Deploy Wireless Battery Powered Cameras

Battery powered, wireless CCTV cameras, ideal for temporary installs securing vulnerable areas, building sites, compounds.

Mini Solar Panel for Rapid Deploy Cameras

Handy little solar panel for powering the battery powered range of Rapid Deploy cameras.

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Spare Battery Packs For The Rapid Deploy Cameras

Great for hot-swapping so your cameras are always up and running.

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Rapid Deploy Wireless Battery Powered Cameras

The Rapid Deploy CCTV system is a fast and easy solution to provide CCTV protection to sites with minimum mess or disruption.

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Rapid Deploy Wireless Receiver

The Rapid Deploy cameras transmit directly to the Rapid Deploy receiver which plugs directly into the USB of your compatible Zip DVR or NVR.

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# Quick Links, Manuals & Product Documentation Notes - Rapid Deploy Cameras

Rapid Deploy Wireless, Battery Powered CCTV Camera Range

Full Manual (PDF) / Full Manual (HTML)

Quick Start Guide (PDF) / Quick Start Guide (HTML)

  • MNL format - Compatible MNL reader required such as AutoDesk download here
  • ePub Format - Compatible ePub reader required such as Cloud ePub Reader download here

The above manuals cover the following models:
SEE010 / SEE015 / SEE031 / SEE035 / SEE020 / SEE030

Are spare batteries available so that I can swap them say every week or 2 weeks if I used the cameras to protect a building site?
Yes, extra batteries are available.
Are the batteries rechargeable?
Yes, they use a micro USB port to charge them.
Are the cameras metal or plastic construction?
The black Rapid Deploy cameras are metal, the white ones are plastic construction.
Could I permanently power the Rapid Deploy Cameras say using a solar panel?
Yes you could by using a 5V regulator and a USB lead.
Do the Rapid Deploy cameras connect to my standard WiFi Access points?
No. Although the Rapid Deploy cameras use a dedicated WiFi link between them and a special wireless receiver, this makes the transmission range a little longer and also more secure. The Receiver simply connects to the ZIP NVR or DVR via a USB lead.
How long do the Rapid Deploy batteries last?
In standby mode up to 1 year. The Rapid deploy cameras only transmit video when the built-in PIR detects movement, therefore conserving battery life. So the amount of detections will determine how long the batteries will last on an installation. Moderate typical use would see the batteries last about 2 weeks.
What is the wireless range of the Rapid Deploy cameras?
Line of sight is the maximum theoretical range so up to 200M but this is reduced by any obstacles and weather such as heavy rain, as the battery life is depleted it also reduces the range. We would recommend, trying to limit the range to around 50M for design purposes.
Will the Rapid Deploy cameras work with other makes of DVRs and NVRs?
No they have been specifically designed and manufactured for the Zip system to win sales for Zip CCTV installers and provide a superb flexible solution for end-users.

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