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RoomWatch WiFi Cameras

RoomWatch WiFi Cameras
RoomWatch WiFi Cameras

Wifi cameras that connect directly to your router. You can even view them on your phone.

RoomWatch WiFi Camera With 2 Way Audio

The RoomWatch WiFi IP CCTV camera can be used on its own with no NVR or DVR, as a fantastic CCTV starter system.

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SEE040 - RoomWatch Camera - 2 Way Audio & PIR

Full Manual (PDF) / Full Manual (HTML)

Quick Start Guide (PDF) / Quick Start Guide (HTML)

TIP - Finding RoomWatch with Free ZipFinder Software Tool

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Can I fit the camera in a porch?
Yes, RoomWatch has been designed for indoor use but it is robustly designed so that it can be fitted in a porch or barn just so long as it doesn't get water dripping onto it or sprayed directly at it.
Can I record the RoomWatch images?
Yes of course. As well as viewing live images via a web browser, a Zip DVR/NVR or through the latest ZipVision Phone APP and Zippy desktop viewer, you can also record images whether 24/7, on a specific schedule or just when an activation occurs. The RoomWatch camera has a micro SD card slot so you can fit a memory card and record within the camera itself. This might be handy if you are using the camera in a very temporary installation with no WiFi such as keeping an eye on an elderly relative if you have to leave them in their home alone. To get the most from your RoomWatch you should use it with your Zip DVR or NVR CCTV recorder as a handy extra camera that you can move about from room to room.
Can the PIR be used to activate other things?
Yes it works a bit like a standard PIR in that it can tell the camera when to record locally or on a Zip DVR or NVR but the camera also has a small terminal socket for an additional alarm input and an alarm output. You could use the alarm input to hardwire a device such as a Panic Button that would then turn on the warning siren and strobe on the camera, reassuring if you have an attempted robbery in a shop for example. The alarm output use the PIR/motion detection triggers to activate an additional device such a bell box or something like the VoiceOFF voice annunciator that can be used to play automated messages.
Can the RoomWatch camera be wall mounted?
Yes it comes with a compact bracket that allows full rotation of the camera (a bit like a PIR bracket) so it can be wall ceiling or desk mounted. A nice touch especially if used in a home is that the bracket has an additional overlay that covers the screw head. You could also use an alternative bracket if you require as the camera's screw hole for the bracket is M5 size.
Could I connect to it via Cat5 cable directly?
Yes you could, you can also power it via its built in PoE.
Does RoomWatch work with all ZIP DVRs and NVRs?
We are currently updating our firmware throughout the ZIP range to enable it, please check the latest news page on Zipnvr.com.
Does the RoomWatch camera need a light to see at nightime?
A bit like the human eye, the more light there is the better you can see, the RoomWatch camera is the same but it does have a couple of lights built-into it. There's an IR LED array surrounding the lens which uses the on-board photocell to activate when the light levels fall. These glow a faint red but emit no visible light to the human eye they just give off a spotlight style beam that helps the camera to see up to a 10M range. The camera also has the unusual feature of a white light built in too. This can be programmed to light up and strobe when movement is detected or an alarm input is triggered.
Does the RoomWatch have a built in microphone?
Yes but even better it has a speaker too so audio is two way, you can listen in on the area where you've put the camera and then talk back to it as well. Think of the uses, you can hear noises from your childrens' bedroom and reassure them in the middle of the night. Some RoomWatch owners even talk back to their pets when they're not at home during the day. The latest ZipVision phone app (compatible with RoomWatch) has a "Push to Talk" button so it's just like using a walkie-talkie.
Does the RoomWatch work like a normal Wifi device connecting to a router or access point?
Yes- it uses the 2.4Ghz band.
Does the RoomWatch work with other manufacturer's NVRs?
Using the Onvif profile on another NVR you should be able to see live video and perhaps audio from the RoomWatch. But features such as TalkBack, Audio sound triggering and the PIR alarm are all using ZIP protocol so they will only work with ZIP DVRs and NVRs.
FAQ191 - How to watch and play CCTV on your Mobile Phone!
How do I watch & play CCTV on a phone?

It's easy with the RoomWatch WiFi camera and the latest Zip Pro app for your mobile phone.

Read the full tip on how to watch CCTV on your phone HERE.
How can I view the RoomWatch camera images?
There are a few easy methods for viewing the images captured by the RoomWatch camera. If RoomWatch is fitted as a standalone camera you can easily view live images on the free ZipVision phone app available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. RoomWatch is also supplied with a FREE Zippy Viewer tool that allows you to view live images on a desktop PC or laptop and also retrieve recorded footage if an SD card has been fitted in the camera. Both these methods allow the "Push to Talk" style 2-way talkback feature but to get the most from your RoomWatch camera we suggest using the ZipVision client softwre that is supplied FREE with every Zip DVR and NVR. It gives extra functionality and allows you to record the RoomWatch images staright to a hard drive in the recorder for longer term recording beyond that of the local memory card.
How do I enable Audio on the RoomWatch camera?
Audio Recording
Click on Audio in Device menu. Click the Enable Audio box to expand menu options.
Procedure for setting Audio
Enable Audio: Check that Enable Audio has been ticked.
Output Volume: Set Output Volume (ranging 0~10).
Input Volume: Set Input Volume (ranging 0~10)
When Audio is enabled this automatically enables the audio option in Network> Encoding.
How is the RoomWatch (SEE040) camera powered?
The RoomWatch can be powered in 3 main ways by either Power Over Ethernet (PoE) or a 12V DC so this might be by using a regulated 12V DC PSU (min 500mA) or for a more temporary installation you might use a rechargeable battery pack such as the Handy Battery (Code BAT510 12V DC 2A Battery & Charger :: Code BAT200 Extra Battery Pack). The RoomWatch camera has both a standard RJ45 socket as well as a 2.1mm DC socket.
It looks like the camera has a PIR, how's that work?
Correct it has built in PIR with a 10M range. The camera also has motion detection and a hard-wired alarm input. These can all be programmed to work within a pre-set schedule such as .. only at night and/or when a shop is closed for business. Let's take a shop as a great example of where to use the RoomWatch camera. Use one pointing at the shop entrance to capture a "mugshot" of every customer entering, hardwire a Panic Button to the camera to activate the warning siren and strobe if the shopkeeper feels threatened (see more on this later) or use one in the stock room to record every time motion is detected when the door is opened.
What else do I need to know about RoomWatch?
I think we've just about covered the main RoomWatch camera features above but at such great value why not just try it for yourself and let us know what you use it for...
Where would I use the RoomWatch camera?
Well the camera has so many features built into that it's hard to write a definitive list but here are just a few suggestions of where and how you might use it plus we've stolen a few ideas from customers that have already fitted one... Vacant properties, temporary installs, recording of "high risk" areas and "hot spots", nursey, kid's room, sheltered housing or relatives being looked after by carers, lambing and calving sheds, stables and even kennels where dog owners can log in to see their beloved pets.

More information for the general public at our website: www.zipnvr.com and videomitter.com

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