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CCTV sundries are all the little extras you need to install your system once you have selected your equipment. From cable, connectors and power supplies to monitors, lockable cabinets, signage and audio devices; we have everything you need to complete your job.

Audio Devices

Whether it's microphones for capturing sound or our ever popular VoiceOff MP3 message players and extensive MP3 message library, we have everything you need for adding audio to your CCTV system.

Brackets & Housings

Everything you need to fine-tune your installs and mount you CCTV equipment exactly where it is required. With our extensive range of camera and monitor brackets you're in control.

Cable & Clips

Premium quality AntiHum RG59 and CAT5e cable for the best results when connecting CCTV equipment.

Connectors & Leads

We have a massive range of ready made leads, connectors and adaptors for connecting your equipment and overcoming obstacles.

Dummy Cameras

Need more security on a budget? Dummy cameras are the perfect solution. Our range of ‘D-koy’ dummy cameras offer increased presence of security for under £5!


We have KitVault® enclosures to help keep your CCTV system GDPR compliant, rack-mount cabinets for housing equipment and weather-proof ABS boxes to install electronic equipment outdoors.


Lighting is a critical component to any security system whether it’s used as a deterrent to ward off intruders or vandals or simply to enhance the images from your CCTV cameras at night time.

Monitors & Brackets

A quality CCTV system needs a quality monitor to really show off those stunning images and we have a model to suit every environment with a wide range of versatile brackets

Power Supplies

Range of quality 12V DC and 24V AC power supplies. From plug-in PSUs to wall and rack-mount options we've got you covered.


Great value CCTV and health and safety signage. CCTV Signage is a key part of a CCTV system as it is actually required by law just like health and safety signage.

Fasteners & Fixings

Those little bits for neatly finishing your system like cable clips and ties.

Leather Folio A5

Quality A5 2 ring binder in soft touch brown leather.

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