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Top 10 CCTV Problem Solvers

Top 10 CCTV Problem Solvers

Help solve your CCTV problems with these solutions!

HDMI Extender Over LAN With USB Mouse & Keyboard Control

Adding a "KVM" Mule gives you "Keyboard, Video & Mouse" control up to 120m over CAT5, CAT6 or even a LAN. **OFFER** Spend over £300 ex-vat on CCTVmule branded products and get a free patch lead bundle worth £28!!

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MegaMitter - Wireless 2MP AHD transmission

Video TX & RX Pair (inc. 2 Antennas), ideal for HD 4-in-1 CCTV cameras using the AHD output/input.

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VoiceOff Alarm Activated MP3 Message Player

The new Voice Off can be triggered to play stored MP3 sound files using a hard-wired trigger such as a door contact or PIR or by software, using its new network connection or even by its RS485 input with an access control system.

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ZULU® IP PTZ 5MP 33x Zoom - Follows People !

The new ZULU® PTZ can detect and track intruders so as they move around it follows them! This makes it perfect for protecting vulnerable yards and compounds when the CCTV system has no operator. PoE powered like other Zip IP cameras, it simply just plugs into the NVR. The ZULU IP-PTZ650W has a 33x optical zoom with auto-focus and a 5MP (1080p) sensor. The PTZ supports 360° endless rotation, up to 200°/sec pan speed, up to 100°/sec tilt speed, with on board features compatible with the Zip NVR and DVR.

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HD Digital Modulator - CCTV To TV

The Scatterbox modulator allows you to distribute an HDMI output from your SKY box or your HD CCTV system through your exisitng co-ax aerial system to view images as a digital TV channel.

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Adjustable Delay 10 Function Relay

This versatile relay module has two independent timers built in to it so it can be set up to switch the relay contacts on and off in a variety of ways.

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MiniMit Wireless Video Transmitters

If you need to get a video signal from one location to another wirelessly, then the MiniMits may be a suitable solution for you.

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IP Over Co-ax, CAT5/6 Or Alarm Cable

Simply connect an IP Mule to either end of the cable and you get a network created from one end to the other! It can be used for IP cameras or any other network device you want to connect. **OFFER** Spend over £300 ex-vat on CCTVmule branded products and get a free patch lead bundle worth £28!!

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ZipStor eSATA Hard Drive Expander

The New ZipStor makes it easy to add additional hard disc capacity to your Zip NVR or DVR.

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Delay On-Off Relay

This mini relay module can either open or close contacts at a 1-20s adjustable delay when you apply 12V to it.

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5-50mm IP Bullet 4K White iSense ANPR

The new FacePLATE PowerZoom camera is a powerful product for the professional CCTV installer, it has full ANPR & full facial recognition in one product.

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