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Surface Mount Electric Bolts

Feature Packed 4 Wire Electric Bolts

with status output and adjustable delay

  • Surface Mount Design
  • Adjustable Delay up to 6s
  • Relay Output for Lock Status
  • Lock Prevention when Open
  • LED Power/Locked Indicator
  • 12V DC Operation

The ACC516 has an adjustable delay of up to 6 seconds, a relay output to alert when the door is opened and LED indicator to show the bolt status.

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The ACC516 is a feature packed 4 wire electric bolt which means there are 2 wires for connecting the power and 2 extra wires to indicate the door status (N/C, COM). These additional wires can be connected to a buzzer or light for example to produce a visible or audible alert when a door is opened. This could even be wired into a CCTV system to start a camera recording.

The ACC516 has a built-in adjustable delay which can be set to 0, 3 or 6 seconds to keep the door unlocked for up to 6 seconds after power is restored.

Electric bolts are an efficient method of adding secure access control to a door. By using them in conjunction with one of our exit buttons or wireless key fobs you can limit access to almost any door.

This could be a push to exit button allowing staff to leave through a security door while preventing unauthorised access from the outside or a wireless key fob for secure keyless entry.

An electronic bolt works by holding the door in place as long as there is power being supplied. As soon as the power supply is cut the bolt retracts so that the door can be opened. You would connect the control device and power to the bolt via an access control panel or relay so that the power can be cut when triggered. When powered up again the bolt protrude again locking the door in place.

Another clever feature of the ACC516 prevents the bolt from locking when the door is open. Reed switches in the bolt prevent it from locking until triggered by the magnet in the locking plate fixed to the door frame. This simple but effective solution ensures the bolt will only lock when the door is closed.

Our Handy Rascal relays are ideal for use with our electronic locks as they add extra flexibility and functionality. The HRM100 1ch opto isolating relay would cut power to the lock for as long as the exit button is pressed. To have the door stay open for a short while a HRM200 delay on-off relay could be used to cut power to the lock for up to 20 seconds. For a more advanced solution you might consider using the HRM250 10 function relay. As well as being able to set how long the lock's power is cut for you can also specify a time delay between pressing the exit button and the power being cut. This allows for installations where the exit button isn't situated next to the door.

When using the bolt on double doors or any other jobs which require the bolt to be fitted to the door rather than the door frame, you might want to consider one of our ACC508 stainless steel, armoured door loops to securely house the wires between the door frame and the door.

For a less exposed installation take a look at our ACC514 mortice electric bolt.


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