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HD Video Amplifier

1080p Video Amplifier

... boost your video signals up to 1200m!

  • Amplifies Signals up to 1000 Times!
  • Solves Weak Video Signal Symptoms
  • Low Voltage 12V DC
  • Combats Video Loss
  • Video Gain Adjustment
  • Wall-Mount Design
  • BNC Connections

Boost HD video signals on longer cable runs. Amplifies HD video over Co-ax up to 1200 metres.

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The AMP101 is designed to boost the video signal on longer cable runs (usually over 500m) up to an outstanding 1200m! It amplifies and equalizes the video signal, so by the time it gets to the monitor end it is restored to the levels it should be when a camera is connected to a monitor directly next to it.

Over long Co-ax runs, the total cable resistance and capacitance can rise to values where they affect the video signal level and bandwidth. Whilst a standard monitor is quite forgiving and will reproduce a signal level as low as 0.7 Volt Peak-Peak, most other equipment and especially DVRs need a strong 1 Volt Peak-Peak signal level.

If the signal level drops too low over a long cable run, this can result in a “No Signal” blue screen being inputted to a DVR or rolling, tearing, B&W or just plain dark images on a monitor.

It’s essential therefore on long cable runs to use a quality RG59 cable such as anti-hum with a solid copper core to maximise your results but if your cable run is longer, say 500+ metres, a video amp like the AMP101 can be a great problem solver by boosting the video signal up for a staggering 1200 metre run.

The HD amp amplifies and equalizes the video signal, so by the time it gets to the DVR/monitor end it is restored to the levels it should be when a camera is connected directly next to it.

Compatible with HD-TVI, CVI, AHD and analogue video the unit is 12V DC and has small fixing lugs making it easy to install right next to a camera and share its power supply.

Installing next to the camera means that a pure and crisp image is being amplified rather than a signal that may have picked up a little noise or interference along the cable run itself but the Amp can be fitted at the DVR or monitor end if camera access is limited.

TIP TIP - Try to always install your amplifier at the Camera end of the installation so you're amplifying a clear video signal!


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