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Fixed Iris Lenses With IRs

Fixed Iris Lenses wilt Built-In IR LEDs

Great for Night Time Operation

  • 4mm To 12mm Options
  • Fixed Iris with IR LEDs & Focus Adjust
  • Superb for Covert Surveillance
  • 12 Red IR LEDs
  • Indoor Range 5-8 Metres
  • Powered by the Auto Iris Connector

This range is also fitted with 12 red LEDs to enhance low-light surveillance.

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These fixed iris lenses are best suited for indoor cameras as they can not be adjusted to alter the amount of light let through to the camera.

They are a low cost option suitable for fitting to analogue traditional style CCTV cameras.

This range is also fitted with 12 IR LEDs to enhance low-light surveillance and have a built-in photocell for night-only operation of the LEDs.

They emit an invisible "torchlight" beam of illumination up to 5-8 metres. A maximum current of 150mA at 12V DC is required by this lens type. This power is connected via the Auto Iris socket on a camera.

Please use our Free Lens Calculator Tool in our Resources section to help with choosing the right size of lens for your installation.


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