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HDMI Extender Over LAN With USB Mouse & Keyboard Control

Send HDMI Signals Over a LAN

... even through switches with reverse USB mouse & keyboard control!

  • Easy Setup - Plug & Play
  • Full KVM Function
  • Dual CAT5/CAT6 Compatible
  • One TX to One RX
  • One TX to Many RX
  • 2 HDMI Cables with HDM220
  • Works with Network Switches
  • Works with Direct Cable
  • Built-in USB Extender
  • Mouse Control of a Remote DVR/NVR

Adding a "KVM" Mule gives you "Keyboard, Video & Mouse" control up to 120m over CAT5, CAT6 or even a LAN

**OFFER** Spend over £300 ex-vat on CCTVmule branded products
and get a free patch lead bundle worth £28!!

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Our HDMI Mules let you have your DVR or NVR in one room while being able to view and control it with a monitor and remote from another over a network - for example, you'd be able to keep your DVR securely in a locked room while positioning a monitor elsewhere to view any footage and control it via a USB Mouse, which is really handy for CCTV applications!

Simply connect your HDMI transmitter and receiver to one CAT5/6 cable, then the transmitter to a HDMI source device (e.g. a DVR) and the receiver to a monitor. When purchasing the HDM220, 2 HDMI cables are included.

This allows you to view and control your HDMI video from up to 120m away from your DVR using your existing CAT5/6 set-up, with no mess, no extra cables and no extra costs - yes, it really is that simple!

The HDMI Mules can be used for point-to-point access (1 cable between each unit and no switch) or in cascade mode with additional monitors/receivers connected through a network switch, letting multiple users control the DVR/NVR from different rooms with the touch of a button - it's super flexible.

The HDMI Mule+ is fantastic for security as the built-in USB extender means you can lock the DVR in say a server room, safe and out of sight, but position a monitor and mouse somewhere more accessible e.g. reception area to control and view quickly and easily.

Note: The HDM220 unit does not support Dolby Digital or DTS sound, as it only supports PCM. Consult the instruction manual or manufacturer of the source device to adjust to PCM audio transmission.

How It Works

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